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Photographing Animals

Things to remember while taking your pictures...

I love taking photos of animals. Whether its an old neighborhood house cat or a majestic lion at the zoo, they always make for good pictures.

Take a full body shot first.This just means taking at least one (or 2) clear views of the entire animal.Take care not to get too far away from the subject, try to fill the frame with the animals image.

  • Grouping

    Especially if your shooting groups of animals, plan ahead a shot of the herd, maybe a frontal shot and a rear shot. Include as many of the herd/flock/groups that you can. Mass shots of herds and the like almost always turn out striking!

    • Basic Action

      Running, jumping, or flying. Any normal movement of the animal or maybe even abnormal! One of the funniest things I ever saw in a photo was a monkey in a zoo putting on some lipstick he had found. Be Observent!

    • Feeding

      This could include the killing of actual prey, gathering food, or maybe just the feeding of the wee ones. All animals are different in this respect, and CAUTION should definatly be used if attempting this in the wild! Be aware that most times, even if you cant see them, the male is around and WILL attempt to "defend" their mate. Be Careful, again, Observent!

    • Courtship Displays

      Special acts of affection, such as nuzzling or necking. Yes, animals neck. Well, some do! By rubbing the necks together they entwine them, this is called necking! Other displays could include, special rituals,dances, mating poses and special colorings or coats.This could also include the mating! (Ewwww!) I think I'll just leave that last one to National Geographic!

    • Birth or Caring for the Young

      Eggs hatching, Mothers cleaning newborns, The baby's first steps (horseys!) Nothing better than new life! And capturing those first few moments are really special! The look in the baby's eyes tell a story...It's as if he is saying, "What the...It's COLD!?!?" Priceless!

    • Dont forget scenes of the habitat itself or if possible, building or repairing of the nest or den!
    • Remember this is just a guide...There are no rules! Shoot everything...but remember, especially if using a regular 35mm (as opposed to digital) that wasted pictures is wated money. Visualize the scene your looking at as a whole, try not to only look at your subject but look as well for distecation that could potentaly ruin an otherwise wonderful shot.

      Go on out there and git ta shootin'! Animal Photography is alot of fun, TRY IT!

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