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As everyone knows, domains are bought and paid for....that makes them your domain, correct?
Well....some people dont get that. Here is an email I got from a man (i say that because I am a woman...and in the 10 years I have been making websites  I have NEVER gotten a shitty email from a woman, only men seem to be the complainers)
Anyway...I'll let you read the email yourself and let you decide just how big of a whiny fart this guy is....
*name has been changed to protect the whiny

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----- Original Message ----
From: *Barkie <spudweiserpie@(you guess what goes here).com>
Sent: Sunday, April 16, 2006 7:02:25 PM

Do you think you could have tried any harder to steal a persons url than what you did creating this site?
Be more original next time! Thanks
My Response:
look...i wasnt trying to steal anything. i needed an easy name to remember and something that related to my content.. so...when i was searching whois for a url...this one was open. it also gave me choices like thecarolinaredneck and officialcarolinaredneck(that wouldve been mean-i thought)but....i guess ya cant make the world happy,can ya?....but....i wasnt trying to 'steal' anything. check go daddy, are like 8 bucks...go buy all the rest of the domains with carolinaredneck(s) in wont see me
i just looked at your site and i have taken nothing from your design or site is NOTHING like yours,thanks for taking a look btw ;) conclusion..i stole sorry your miffed,but,you have no reason to be.
try yoga.

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Just to be fair to the ol' guy, I figger I'll give him some publicity (he must need it) Check out his 5 page site and you tell me if I 'ripped' him off. LOL...My site has over 100 pages and original content and graphics. His funny video section wasn't added till recently, so maybe he is ripping me off...LOL...but...I'm a woman...I dont tend to whine. My videos are all mine except for the few marked 'found on the internet'.
*Sigh* I find it all rather funny...and fodder for my this in mind if you email me.
You might find a page made just for - Dedicated Server Upload Video

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