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The Causey Family
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Family Member Listing
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Okay...there is alot of us. Sometimes it gets rather confusing on who belongs to who. Here is a chronological order...and by clicking on the name you can see pictures of those family members. Enjoy and learn a lil' about your family,

Grandpa Workman & Grandma Workman

  • Grandpa Causey & Grabdma Causey


  • Grandpa Charlie Causey
  • Grandma Lois Causey


  • Gearld Causey & Jackie Causey

                   Jerry Causey & Darlene Causey

                                   1. Kristin Causey

  • Anne Causey Sarver & Gordon Sarver

                 1.  Kathy Lynn Grissom

                                  1.Shannon VanDenzen

                 2. Barbara Lee Cale & Stuart Cale

                                  1. Candace Jade Jackson

                                               1. Sydney May

                                               2. Seth May

                                  2. Michelle Jackson Morgan & Jason Morgan Sr.

                                               1. Jason Morgan Jr.

                                               2. Jade Morgan

                 3. Dawna Anne Moses Molten

                                  1. Ashelyn Molten

                                  2. Adrianna Rose Molten

                 4. Patrick Gamble & Natalie Gamble

                                  1. Hannah Gamble (twins)

                                  2. Haleigh Gamble (twins)

  • Chuck Causey & Diane Causey

                  1. Alicia Causey

                  2.  John Causey & Ginger Causey

                                  1. Angel Caitlin Causey

                                  2. Andrew Morton Causey

                                  3. Danny Charles Causey

  • Patty Causey Wells & Julian Wells


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