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>Subject: deckoy? alive?
>Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2005 14:40:09 +0100
>Deckoy... the forum members and I are wondering where you went? You just
>disappeared? just wanted to make sure you havent been blocked from the
>forum or anything... let us know


Oh, hello Gord, and the rest og Putfile!

Kristoffer here, for you, i migth me moore reconizeble as Deckoy the random
It is quite a long story. I am not dead, nor wonded badly. I am in pysical
great shape.
Have spendt the last week on a top of a mouintain, and with known and
unknown friends in Juvente:)

Now i am back in my hometown where the grass is green and people are dancing
with their hands in the pocket. But something is m1issing.
You could say that something is not as it should be. therefor i simply just
can not stay in the Putfile forums for a while, though i do

want to say one thing or another in it. I say the most in that forum thing.
Ah, Putfile.

Now, i will figure out one thing or another in my off-line life, then i will
return with my gibberish in You wait and see:)
By the way, i was quite happy to know that somebody wondered where i went.
Mabye a sign that i should cut down at my Putfiling(?)
Never the less, i was quite flattered. Sure Putfile has made its mark;)

Cheers Gord (and the rest of Putfile)!
- Kristoffer K. K.

It's all rather cryptic. Perhaps 'Deckoy' is his code name and he is some sort of special agent who cant blow his cover....We may never know...............

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