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Noah Town UFO

What do you think this is?

The story behind the photo...

'Being a photographer if I see somthing pretty even at 55 mph I want a shot of it. So, after years of practice I have become reasonably adept at shots taken out of the window while driving.Some of my best shots are 'accidents'. So, I was taking photos of the surrounding landscape on Sunday earlier this month on my way to my Moms. I remember this shot in particular because I thought it was a bird out of the corner of my eye and I thought how cool! Lost for a few weeks amongst 100's of digital snapshots I've taken recently. When looking thru them again, this is what I found. It doesn't look like a bird to me.'

VanDoodle UFO Poll
What do You think the 'thing' is in the photo?
 A Bird
 A Teradactyl 
 A flying turtle...Maybe
 I really don't know
 It's a flipping UFO, dern it!

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