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Pecuilar Monsters

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Throughout the ages human beings have told of such progidies as fire-breathing dragons,reptilian oddities with many appendanges, man shaped beings with hairy coats and underwater colossuses with a penchant for overturning boats.
These incredible creatures were not inventions,but, they were seen.
Im sure many were colored with faulty observation,bragging, or even poetic elaboration that wove them into the myths that serve for foils and heros...but...the raw materials were there.
And something is still there, in spite of our postmidevil need to ridicule monster sightings as hallucinations or hoaxs,
The skeptic who feels inclined to scoff, know this, for every story you read here, hundreds of stories have been documented that I just couldnt fit on here(actually,Im just lazy) and that also, the reporters were at one time, unbelivers themselves.

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Yeti-Fact or Fiction?


Loveland Lizard

Vandoodle sez: I aint never seen Nessie and I hope i dont!

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