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August 1962,North Carolina
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On August 28, 1962, while Grady Honeycutt of Harrisburg,NC, was fishing in a lake near Concord, he saw a shining globe fall slowly into the water. He rowed toward it and saw the object laying on the lake bed beneath him.
Through the clear water he could see its features easily. It was about the size of a bowling ball,it glittered and was covered with short spikes. He rowed for shore and called the Sheriff's Office. By the time Deputy Sheriffs Ted May and Bob Eury were on the scene,the 'thing' had seemed to disintergrate into a mass of tangled shiny wire.They called for more help.
Three divers were dispatched to them from the Armed Services Disposal Unit No.2;but by the time they arrived at 7 the next morning the 'thing' had completely dissolved. Though they searched the lake bed the divers could only find strips of aluminum foil of the kind droppped by the air force to distort radar.

(The Concord Tribune,Aug.29th,1962)

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