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Get to know Vandoodle...

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Hey...Get to know me a little before you judge the crap outta me.

* I think eggs were a gift from Jesus,himself.

* I am currently on p.26 of 'A History of the Modern World'by RR Palmer & Joel Colton,Third Edition

* I watch Nancy Grace and think she's funny as hell.

* My favorite Holidays are Christmas and Halloween.

* I was a volunteer at a Nursing Home for 3 years as a teenager.

* I think old people are cool.

* Everyone seems to think I am a guy on the internet...and I still dont know why.

* I dress up EVERY year for Halloween.

* I have never had a broken bone.

* I have 8 freakin' cats at the moment. I suspect the neighborhood cats are telling their friends about me.

* I HATE to hear people eat on t.v.'Cheesepaper'!!! I won't even eat at Hardee's anymore because of that commercial.

* I never failed a grade in school.

* One of my childhood freinds hung herself in her closet at 13. I still dont know why.

* I was raised by my great grandparents.

* Another friend died at 9, when his fathers car fell on him after being jacked up to work on it.

* I played softball as kid and actually went to a tournament.WE lost,tho.

* Every dog I ever owned as a kid was killed on the highway I lived beside. The one that didnt was killed by a neighbor by poisoning.

* My favorite color is green....all shades.

*My Favorite Movie of all times is Evil Dead II.

* I am a hoarder. I cannot throw things away.

* I'm so crafty, I make my own self sick.

* Believe it or not, I don't drink alcohol.

* I believe in God, and that these are the end of days*.

* I love shopping at the Goodwill & Salvation Army.

* I have only won one thing in my life, a red scooter. It was awesome!

* I loved school until the 6th grade.

* I really hate talking to people in person.

* I'm a couple of years older than my husband.

* I smoke like a freight train.

* I want to visit England one day before I die.

* I often say I was born 100 years too late.

* I was on Montel Williams in 1999 to talk to Sylvia Brown. She was full of shit. Stay away from that woman.

* I wish there really were fairies.....and leprechauns. Scratch the leprechauns...they kinda freak me out.

*Bible Scriptures about END TIMES

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