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Coffee Alternatives

Love coffee? Would have a cow if you couldnt drink it?? Heres some coffee substitutes that will work in a pinch and you need something,anything that kinda tastes like coffee! No,they dont have the caffeine, but, we will pretend we dont know that.Anyway,your just trying to trick yourself with it. if you are down south,you probably know what chickory is,but, do you REALLY know? My Great Grandma knew of alot of these as she grew up in the depression and literally made it thru hard times from wildcrafting food.Coffee became scarce in the market during the wars and people needed that cup of any form.So the old ways were brought back from childhood memories and people used these alternatives...enjoy...

While I havent tried this yet,I plan on it as soon as I see their sunny little faces!!
Naturally caffeine-free, dandelion root coffee tastes like regular coffee, but has many additional herbal benefits. Dandelion contains anti-oxidants that improve the function of the liver, gallbladder, kidneys and digestive system. 
Let's make some!!

Very easy explanation of how to make your own Dandelion Coffee! Amaze your friends!!

More coming soon!