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The VanDoodleZine

Do you believe in Ghosts?

Coming Soon! A Surprise!




Have you ever went to the photo lab to get those pictures back and there was some crazy looking stuff on them? I have, many times. These are some of these photos, the ones I just cannot explain.
    My husband and I have a standing arguement over just what these pic's mean. He says they are just a direct result of my constant chain-smoking. But, altho my "smoke rings" have developed quite nicely over the years, thanks, my "smoke people and/or death angels" haven't quite reached this level yet.
      In the end, I'm left with these photos that I can't explain. To be honest with you, they scare me. I even consulted "pychic" Sylvia Brown. She said it was a spirit. "Duuuuuhhhh!" I am not even a pychic and I knew that.
     So.....I ask you......Take a look at these photos closely and tell me what you think.

Spirit....Smoke....Either way...they are still freaky.