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The VanDoodleZine

Kid Rock
Coming Soon! A Surprise!
Warning: Eye Candy Ahead!Vandoodle is not responsible for elevated heart rates and/or blood pressure problems while viewing our Ladies Only Section.We will not be held responsible for any and all injury incurred by the viewing of our site.Thanks be to you, Vandoodle.

I dont know...there something to that trailer park look that really makes me wanna....Bake cakes...yeah, thats it...I really wanna (gulp) bake. ahhh....that as hell!
Belting out a tune live in!(drooling)...Oh..hi! And he said he only wanted to borrow my piano.That dern Kid Rock! He needs a spankin'! I volunteer to teach him a, who cares! He's Hot!
Smoking is bad fer is Kid Rock...Mayhaps this is why both are so fer thought
Amore older, wiser, Mr. Rock...still freakin' hot!!!!

If I aint mistaken this was a SNL performanceclassic kid...smoking!
***Squeal...Kid Rock and Power tools!!!! Im off to bake a cake yall! See ya!
The sleazy look works fer this guy...I could just eat him with a plastic spork!
I gotta say...Despite the cheesy 90's look and the  no facial hair...He still scares me enuff to want him!
Again...I cannot repeat this enough...He scares me and I love him for it! I feel like he would come to my house, drink all my beer, smoke all my smokes, and leave with flipping me the bird and somehow I'd appreciate it. Hmmmm

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