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Whatzits,KnickKnacks &Thingamabobs


Super Pickle
Super Pickle here hails from 1980. He;s a product of American Greetings and has the tags to prove it. He looks great fro 29 years old. Altho, he is missing his felt nose. Easily replaceable,tho. Original Cape with tight orange hightop sneaks complete with funkalicous striped socks. Totally Tubular!

Shipping is Included in Price!

Complete Actual Zebra Tail Skin/Hide
33 inches of Actual Zebra Tail


Close up of making on tail of Zebra

A friend of mine was upholstering some barstools for a clients when she ran across this. Unable to use it in her stools...she gave it to me! Now...what the heck do I do with a Zebra tail. Well, I put it in my shop, of course. it is folks, a genuine Zebra tail. It measures a bit over 33 inches long and is really creepy. Hide is still visible on back,no backing,cut straight from the skins. Get this oddity today!

Picture of the reverse side of Zebra Tail

Carved Wooden Alligator/Crocodile Dish


plus shipping & handling

Okay, so Im not exactly sure which it is,but,it's either an alligatore or a croc. I dunno. The point is it is FABULOUS! It's a odd shade of green with orange,white and red accents. A few splashes of blue for effect. It's wooden, and carved in a primitive manner. Not too sure about the age,but, this is a work of art fer sure! He has two different types of shells for eyes. He has sat by my back door for years and collected our keys and leftover change. He is ready to move on to a new family.(*sniffle*)
He stands in at a paltry 3 inches high but a magnificent  tip to tail measurement of 21 1/2 inches!



5 Vinyl Doll Faces

5 Vintage Baby Faces


5 Vintage vinyl baby faces. Believed to be from the 60's or 70's. They all have the same bright blue eyeshadow that dominated those eras. One seems to be a bit faded but, still as lovely as the others. Made in Korea. Has original stickers. Measures approx. 2x2 inches. Small round hole in bottom. Please see pics.

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