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Vintage Collectibles,Ephemra and So Forth...

Here in the attic is lots of fun things...packed away lovingly...forgotten over time.

You know how it is. No place to store anything. This is a place where things go that have no specific 'home' in the house.Rummage thru if you like....Take your time.

Asian Lissie Doll

asiandollface.jpg  asiandoll.jpg


Pretty little doll any collector would love and appreciate. She has jet black hair. Almond shaped eyes that move and even has tiny little stockings on her sandled feet. Little outfit is made with luxurious fabrics in golds and pumpkin.She is marked with the word 'Lissie' and measures approx. 15 inches long. Get this cutie today!

Price Includes Shipping

5 Vinyl Doll Faces




5 Vintage Baby Faces
5 Vintage vinyl baby faces. Believed to be from the 60's or 70's. They all have the same bright blue eyeshadow that dominated those eras. One seems to be a bit faded but, still as lovely as the others. Made in Korea. Has original stickers. Measures approx. 2x2 inches. Small round hole in bottom. Please see pics.

Dog 'poo' will attract aprox. 144 flies

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