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Vandoodle's Annual FrightNight 2010

Games & Activities
Treats & Eats

Here are some of your questions I have already answered...Take a look and see if I have you covered. If not, please feel free to call me with any further questions you may have.
336-474-4531-Please ask for Shannon

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When is Dusk...Exactly?
Dusk is just before dark...Approx. 6 to 6:30pm. We have a daylight activiy planned,designed specificly for the waning sunlight.
Do I have to wear a costume?
No. If you want to...please feel free. Just remember we have alot of activies planned and dress accordingly. We will also be face painting and taking Haunted Portraits so no costume will be necessary.
What time does the party end?
Offically, the party begins at 6pm and ends at 11 pm.But, of course, you may pick your child up at any time.
Do I need to bring birthday gifts?
No. This is a celebration for the boys and the season. Your presence and participation in the festivities are all thats required!
Bonfire? Who are the adults and where will they be during the party?
My husband and I will be in the backyard monitoring the bonfire and outdoor activites. Our family has a Fall Bonfire evey year and they, along with their own children will probably be attending the event. So, adult supervision with not be a problem.The bulk of the activities and party will take place inside our haunted storage building located in our backyard.
What are the ages of the kids attending?
The ages range from 5-15. There will something for everyone to enjoy!

Scream atcha Later!

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