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Along with their rich tales,songs,games,festivals and foods the Cajuns hedged their lives with countless superstitions. This common tendency of many isolated,rural people was intensified by the very real threats of the Cajun's swampy milieu-hunger,disease and not to mention physical dangers. Therefore the superstitions were a combination of cultures and influences.This mixture was then shaped to fit the peculiar conditons of the Bayou.

~Got Asthma?Wear a muskrat skin across your lungs.

~Children should sleep on mattresses of moss from cypress trees to gain strength from the trees.

~If you sleep in the moonlight you will go crazy.

~If you are at a picnic and it starts to rain,make a cross with two sticks and put salt on top of it. The rain will instantly stop.

~When a snake bites you,race it to the water.Ifn you beat it there and dip your wound,it will die. Not you.

~If you live too long in the swamps you will grow webfooted.

~Fishermen beware of Letiche the Monster,soul of an unbaptized infant who swims the bayou upsetting boats.

~Never eat both ends of the loaf of bread...youll have trouble making ends meet in life,as well.

~Keep your house tightly sealed at night to keep out not only deadly germs but loup-garous (werewolves)

~Keep mirrors away from infants lest they become vain.

~Reading the Bible backwards suppossedly keeps bad spirits from entering your home. Reading it forwards supposedly keeps the bad spirits already inside from harming you.

~If you put on your underwear wrongside out,you must spit on it before changing them or have bad luck all day. (Ew)

~Fish bite quicker on Good Friday than any other day of the year.

~If an alligator crawls under your house-it portends of death.

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