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2004-Family News Archive

  • Subject: Jackson

    Sat, 3 Jan 2004 10:12:27 -0500

  • Sending you a couple of pictures of my new grandson Stuart Jackson Baker (Jackson).  As most of you know he is still in intensive care, but thankfully getting better everyday. I will keep you informed about his recovery.-Patty
    The Causeys
         Jason Causey married his sweetheart, Jill on September the 12th 2003 in a private ceremony this fall. They are expecting a baby in April! Congradulations!
    The Causeys
         Eric and his wife just had a baby girl! Her name is Alexandria. Again, I have no details, but when I find out more, I'll post it. Congrats!
    The Mosers
    Brad and Heathers baby, Olivia,turned one year old September 9th! Happy Birthday!

2003- Family News Archive
    The Causeys
    John and Ginger Causey finalized the adoption of their three beautiful children on July 10, 2003-So we have three more great-grandchildren to list:
    Angel Caitlin Causey: Born Sept. 20, 1994
    Andrew Morton Causey: Born May 3, 1996
    Danny Charles Causey: Born March 30, 1997

      The Wells
      Subject: grandbaby

      Mon, 28 Jul 2003


      Dear Friends and Family,
          Just wanted you to know
       that my daughter-in-law
       had another sonogram
      today and prayers have
       been answered-
      IT'S A BOY
          It would have been fine
       if it had been a girl, but
      I am so thankful it is a
      boy. I can't wait to see
       my little red haired,
      brown eyed, grandson!
       Due date is still
       Dec. 24th.
          Thank you for all your
       prayers, Julia has had
      an easy pregnancy so far
       and pray that it will
       continue that way.
      Love, Patty