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Vintage Glassware and Metalware

Please do not touch, You break it, you buy it! :P

Benne Bits Cocktail Cookie Tin

This is an terrific little gem from an era long past. It's in great condition despite it's age. Minimal wear,no rust Measures 6''X6''X2" deep. Lid says that Benne-are the seeds of good luck. Made from a old southern recipe...a subtle appetizing tangy cocktail bit. (I dont know what the heck these things were,but, they sound tasty!) Made in Savannah,Georgia. Picture has a delightful Creole lady in authentic southern garb. Love it! I have seen a few examples of these but, this one I have is in the best condition I have seen. Inside isn't rusted either,so, as a tin,still very useful. Age is estimated at 70+ years old.

Vintage Mallord Duck Glass Liquor Decanter
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Awesome glass liqour decanter. Measure 13 1/2 inches high from bottom to top of stopper. Has Mallard ducks in flight on to the surface. No nicks or chips whatsoever. Made in the year 1954. Marked on the bottom. Cork is missing but easily replaced. Concave bottom perfect for wine.
$19.99 plus s/h
(Insurance is included)

Antique Copper Cloisonne Shaker


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This is a very tiny,very exsquisite copper enamled cloisonne shaker. It only stands 1 1/2 inches tall but its decoration is what makes this one stand out. The scrollwork is amazing with scrolls smaller than a 16th on an inch.Just beautiful. I dont know if it's Chinese tho,because the familar flowers for export aren't present. Just hundreds of tiny scrolls.The underside is a bright turqouise blue which does,however,lend itself to the Chinese..but... I am not an expert,but, even the untrained eye can see that this object is very very old. Judging from the patina, this is anywhere from 1900's to the 20's. Please see the photographs.

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