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Moving Rocks,Death Valley, California
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For a long time the reasons why baffled geologists and scientists who studied them until two geologists from CalTech did a seven year study. They concluded that the reason the rocks move is because under specific weather conditions, rain, heavy fog or dew causes the dried mud to develop a thin layer of slippery glide and the winds push the rocks around.

There's a few problems with this, others say. First of all the rocks make deep tracks in the dirt, and being that the ground is parched rock-hard, pressure of stones that heavy would hit dry dirt and stop. Another argument is that wind doesn't loop, double back on itself and zig zag in the course of a few hours. Two rocks have been seen to be right next to each other and then take totally different paths while a third could have remained untouched.

One Park Ranger stated that he's seen the rocks moving long distances when it's perfectly dry out and there is NO wind; sometimes rocks will lay in place for weeks and then the day a few will have moved well away from the rest. Well, let me amend that - he didn't "see" them move. In fact no one has ever seen a rock move. All of a sudden, it just is. The "conditions" that are said to be needed for it to happen just weren't there. Since it's a desert it rarely rains except during monsoon season, and at times it does get very foggy in the morning, yet the rocks do this all year long.

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