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All the pages in this site,in no particular order....

Cajun Superstitions

New Uses for Halloween Candy

Henry Ziegland's Bullet



Baker's Dozen

Odd Random Facts

Folk Tales

Gobbler's Rocks

An American Christmas Eve Folk Tale

Blue Ghost Caught on Camera?

Bad for Corn, Good for Us

Gross-Me-Out Delicacies

Police Chase-Crop Circle

Tooth Worms

Noah Town UFO

Odd Gifs


Joe Baldwin's Ghost

The Mothman

My Space Pics

Yeti-Fact or Fiction?


The Pinecone Incident

My Gif Collection

St. Patricks Day Gifs

St. Patricks Day Gifs 2

Coffee Gifs

Halloween Gifs

Christmas Gifs

Christmas Gifs 2

Odd Vintage Valentines Cards

The Owned Page

The Jif Kitty

Misc. Holiday Gifs

Odd Videos

Halloween Desktops

Shitzu Attack


Be Alert

Praying Kitty

Paradise City

The Green Children

Deadly Kimono

Thanksgiving Gifs

Let's Party

The Day That It Rained Candy

The Days it Rained MONEY!

August 1962,North Carolina

Moving Rocks,Death Valley, California

Whoa,John Henry!

Halloween Fun Facts

Calling All Vampires

Blue Ghost Caught on Camera?

Pecuilar Monsters

The Pencil Test

Random Superstitions

Double-Decker Spector


Spring-heeled Jack

Crybaby Bridges

Conspiracy Theories

Pyramid on the back of the $1

Sea Nymphs

Serpant Blood

Goat Poop Oil

Apollo 11 Moon Landings-Did we really go?

Small Coyote Problem-Solved

Misc. Gifs

Baby Warfare

The Lincoln/Kennedy Link

New World Order (NWO)

Wacky Superstitions

Elvis Sighting

Almanac Lore

Dog Days of Summer (July -Aug 11)

Cat Nights Begin (Aug 17)

Harvest Home (September)

Get to know Vandoodle.....

St. Luke's Little Summer (October)

Halloween Links

Wedding/Bridal Superstitions

Valentine's Day Superstistions

New Years Superstitions

Christmas Superstitions

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Free Stuff

One vice to another.....

CNN News Report on New York

And you thought your I.D. was bad...

How to Impress the Ladies

Paranoid Kitty

Tom's Revenge


A Family Visit

Gray Powder Rain,China,1846

I need a Bambulance

Titty Bar in Wisconsin

Christmas Breakfast Recipe

Squirrel Farm

The Legend of Stingy Jack

Digestive Tract Java

Maggot Cheese

Ant Caviar

Fake Baby

George Washington's Ghost

Junkyard Creature

The Loveland Lizard

The Dover Demon

Nain Rouge

Cutty Black Sow

Random Smilies

Odd Funny People Gifs

Bible Scriptures about END TIMES

Holiday Stuff

Bird-Saliva Aphrodisiac

A Little Duck?

Kill Some Time

Vintage Christmas Cards

Global Ethic:Are you an Authentic Human?

Vintage Halloween Cards

Vintage Thanksgiving Cards

Christmas Stuff

My Ghost Pics

Halloween Superstitions

Lizard Chicken

Random Funny Pics

Revenge is SWEET!

Beer,Women and Mustard First!

Random Graphics I've Made

A Real Man

Timeless Classic


The Ultimate Golfing Penalty

Hat Blindness

New Playstation Game

Kung-Fu Kitty

Obsession for Men

I'm Rick James, Biatch

Creative Sucker Art

Squatters Beware!

Mom Gets a Camera Phone

Updating as we speak!


Halloween Tips & Tricks

No Questions Asked

Bouncing Baby

When Bunnies Attack

A Fiery Blessing

Blue Flames

The Returning Stones

Unusual Hailstorms

Umm...That's not rain!

Once in a Blue Moon

Just Enough Poison to Tickle

The Amazing Screaming Frog

I'm So Goth that...


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