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The Unexplained

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Weird things are going on all over the world every day. Apparently, since the beginning of time. Here are a few stories I have found in a the bit of research I have done.

(more coming soon, New Section)

George Washington's Ghost

Henry Ziegland's Bullet

Spring-heeled Jack

Junkyard Creature

Noah Town UFO

My Ghost Pics

Bizarre Skyfalls

The Returning Stones

A Fiery Blessing

The Pinecone Incident

The Days it Rained MONEY!

Gray Powder Rain,China,1846

Living Toad in Rock


A Family Visit

The Green Children

Sky Snake

1930's Ape Man

The Loveland Lizard

Peculiar Monsters

The Pencil Test

Double-Decker Spector

The Dover Demon

Reverse Speech

Blue Ghost Caught on Camera?

The Amazing Screaming Frog

Moving Rocks,Death Valley, California

Unusual Hailstorms

Blue Flames

August 1962,North Carolina

The Day That It Rained Candy

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Bouncing Baby

Deadly Kimono

No Questions Asked

Elvis Sighting

Vandoodle says: One never knows whats around the corner,waiting for you.

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