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Okay, I don't know how it works or why. But, all I know is that in my personal experience,it has always been correct.
To find out the sex of an unborn baby, place a needle with thread into the tip end of an eraser of a pencil that has been sharpened.
Hold the pencil above the lady's wrist, as close as possible to the skin without touching it. (It is also said that you can hold it over the stomach,as well, its just easier over the wrist.) If you are afraid you are causing the swing,place it on a bookshelf or doorway and have the woman place her wrist under the pencil.
If the pencils swings back and forth,across the wrist, it's a boy. If it swings up and down the wrist,it's a girl. I usually do, 2 out of 3 and go with it. I have had 4 kids (was spot on everytime)and have done this on many a pregnant woman and I have never been wrong.
Some call this divination,or witchcraft. I try to get around this by claiming there's some scientific explanation behind it. Of which, I'm not privy to. What with the pencil lead,blood flow,electro-magnetic energy or something...there has to be something going on.Otherwise it wouldnt be so accurate.

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