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~When someone is leaving, always turn away before they are out of sight, otherwise you'll never see them again.

The word "superstition" means, literally,"surviving belief," and superstitions are in fact survivals of old magico-religious techniques for influencing ( the the advantage or to the detriment of others) the unseen forces that make things happens as they do.
Altho couched in seemingly Christian language, the superstitious practices and beliefs of American Germans,like those of other European colonists, harked back to the paganism of pre-Christian ancestors.
Consider the certain bad luck to walk under a ladder. This came from the early Christian belief that a leaning ladder formed a triangle with the wall and ground. You must never violate the Holy Trinity by walking through a triangle, lest you be considered in league with the devil.

(And you all know what good Christians did to people they suspected of being in league with the devil.)

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