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Folk Tales

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Maybe you have heard them or maybe not. These are the stories that made us not be able to sleep at night when we were kids. After reading these stories, you might not be able to sleep tonight!Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Pecuilar Monsters

The Loveland Lizard

Spring-heeled Jack

Baker's Dozen

The Tale of Stingy Jack

Sea Nymphs

Gobbler's Rocks


An American Christmas Eve Folk Tale


The Pencil Test

Junkyard Creature


Cutty Black Sow

Moving Rocks,Death Valley, California

Yeti-Fact or Fiction

Joe Baldwin's Ghost

Read more Folk Tales from All Over the World

Grimm's Fairy Tales-209 of them!


The Dover Demon

Nain Rouge

Crybaby Bridges

Whoa,John Henry!

Tooth Worms

The Mothman

My Ghost Pics


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