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Wanna Bitch at the Govt. for what a shitty job their doing to our Beloved Country? Here's list of our local and congressional assholes. Drop them an email...Let 'em know what ya think!
President & Congress Governor & State Legislators

  • Barack Obama (D)

  • Richard Burr (R)
  • Kay Hagan (D)

  • Melvin Watt (D-12)
  • Howard Coble (R-6)

  • Beverly Perdue (D)

  • Jerry Tillman (R-29)
  • Stan Bingham (R-33)

House of Representatives*
  • Larry Brown (R-73)
  • Harold Brubaker (R-78)
  • Jerry Dockham (R-80)
  • Hugh Holliman (D-81)

Mason Jar Recipes

New!Pics from Everybody's Day!

Click here for N.C. Fall Leaf Schedule

The Worthless Son-in-Laws draw most of their material from Brown's and Davidson's singer-songwriter catalogues but also have a repertoire of covers from the likes of Merle Haggard, Farmer Not-so-John, Vic Chesnutt, Flying Burrito Brothers, Little Feat and John Hiatt. See their site....

The Spatulas- Known for their unpredictable songs and even more unpredictable shows, The Spatulas raise the bar (tab) on comedy They've performed with the likes of human-size inflatable robots, dancing dogs! Support these local guys!

Wake Drama - Local Drama Club with cool performances! Check this page out...see what coming up!

Dark Hollow Farm Mushrooms

Learn more about our beloved state,NC by clicking here!

Want TribeCast on your site?Get your own!

The Famous Maize Maze- Get lost in a sea of corn this fall!

Tom Conally's Flying Frog Boomerangs! His website clearly states that boomerangs are meant to return back to you. So he cannot be held responsibles for your injuries..LOL. He handcrafts these things and are a work of art in their own right.

Visit Head Change Arts,a family run art site, offers a unique variety of lampwork and blown glass pendants, magnifying glasses, tops, pens, marbles and more. Cool pics!

Check out Handmade Bricks from NC. Nothing beats the look of these!

Help Epilepsy by eating Chili! Visit NCCHILI.Com

The Bowed Dulcimer- Don't know what that is? If yer from NC and yew still dont know what that is ya should be kicked. The haunting music of this great istrument is key to the bluegrass and moutain music. Click here and gitch some learnin'...


Kersey Valley Attractions:

Click here to see their MY SPACE

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The original Spookywoods! 21 years of scaring the crap outta people and this year promises more of the same. Check out the scary site here...

Fright Village Productions invites you on a terrorfying journey into an actual haunted village!

Left abandoned since the late 1970's, the village is home to a number of hauntings.The property was also home to one of the most violent and evil illegal bootleg clubs in the 70's and 80's, finally being closed down due to the murders and sinful events that took place there. Check it OUT!


Learn how to make music with your hand! Hands?Yes ...thats what I said. Dont chew laff at me! I'm serious. Check this out. He made it to the news! It's really odd.

Learn More about The NC Grandfather Mountains by clicking here.

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