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Carolina Rednecks

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Local Gossip 6/10

Wade Mainer- Banjo Extraordinaire

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TOP Country Sites

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J.Morgans Record Setting Bream

Even Our Founding Fathers Appreciated Rednecks...

“I think agriculture the most honorable of all employments. The farmer has no need of popular favor, nor the favor of the great, the success of his crops depending only on the blessing of God upon his honest industry.”

- Benjamin Franklin 1789

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Wade Mainer- Banjo Extraordinaire

Christmas Party 2008

Virtual Vist From Mikey 'Short Bus' Saunders

Fourth of July- Uncensored

Father's Day Prank

Reloy's Biskits

Redneck Pledge

Duck V/S Cheese Puffs

Countdown to the New Year

Reloy Plays a Saw

Spotlighting a Redneck- Glinda

JDoodle and Grandoodle Gits Down

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