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Carolina Rednecks

Who we is...

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Who we is...
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We, consists mostly of my family and close friends. We are an odd assortment of many different flavours of 'Redneck'.
Ranging from the milder form of know...the ones who dont even know they are redneck to the raging,drunk,in case you didnt figger it out already by the duct taped muffler of the the ol' Chevelle he's been working on for the last 14 years, redneck.



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Most of us were born n raised down south here. A few of us are 'Damn Yankees' that we have successfully turned into 'proper' rednecks. You know why they are 'Damn' yankees, right? Well, just in case ya dont...saying goes like this...
"Yankees come and visit...Damn Yankees come and stay."

PhotobucketWe aint racist because we love our Flag. We love to cook-out, partake in the ale and generally have a good time. We hardly need an excuse for a git-together, Hell, the first day of crappy season is reason to celebrate requiring a fishfry,beer and loud music.
My husband said to me at our last last cookout, 'I bet the neighbors hate us. We always got something going on up here' and I said, 'Yeah, they hate us cause we didn't invite them!' And we just laughed and laughed. Cause its true! Our Halloween Party rules them all EVERY year. I have people all year long asking me if the annual Halloween Bonfire is still on and of course I say, 'Hell Yeah,Brother...Yew had better be there!'

Everything revolves around food down south. If someone dies, make the family some fried chicken. If a baby is born, send em some fried chicken. Fried chicken seems to go with any occasion,apparently.
Well...We be's no different and we's loves us some vittles. The old man has become quite the Chef. He has mastered the smoker and the grill. He has perfected some of the best pulled bbq yew have ever eaten. And, just fer the sake of saying it...bbq has nothing to do with the sauce, its about the way its cooked, and in particular, down south here, it generally refers to pork.
Anywho, the old man really is a good cook. Even gittin up in the middle of the night to add water and Jack Daniels soaked chips to the smoker. That's dedication my friend. Good freakin' eatin,too!

See Our Christmas Party 2008

The point is,folks...we are real people. This site is dedicated to celebrating the average,random,'REAL'Redneck.

Enjoy and YEE-Haw!

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Caint git enuff of redneck vids? Check this page out...


NEW! Carolina Rednecks Flea Market!

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Thomasville TidbitsLearn a tiny bit about my good ol' hometown.
North Carolina HistoryPut on your reading glasses and grab an iced tea. Yew are now ready to git a little learning about the history of our beloved state.
Yew MIght be from North Carolina if...An old email that always makes me smile
Southern Translations Can yew speak Southern? Visit this page to cipher yer southern kin's emails and letters...
Good Ol' Boy Trivia
See how much yew know about yer favorite good ol' boy.

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Test your knowledge...take a quiz when your sure yew know it all!
New Videos added...Check out God's View of War

New vid's added of Johnny Cash. Some are really old and Johnny so young. The world is missing a wonderful artist since his passing..

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