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Carolina Rednecks

Beer Drinking - A sport unto itself

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This page is for my family this time...shall remain nameless. However, you know who ya'll are! LOL!

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Need to learn out to make your own keg? I gotcha covered, buddy!

Click here for Homemade Keg Instructions
This blog provides news, comment and links on everything to do with beer. Enjoy your favourite hobby ! 

Kudzu is good fer something! : An extract from a plant known in the US as “the vine that ate the South” may help reduce alcohol consumption in heavy drinkers, a small-scale study suggests...

Beer Tshirts : Because...hell...who  knows why?!?

Take a Beer Trip!: Discover the role that beer and brewing plays in the history and culture of Europe and North America --

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Instructions to Print Bob's Cartoon FaceVisit Beer-Can Bob! He has been all over the world! Various countries and the like! See his visitor submitted photos!You too can have your photo made with Bob!
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Clay Henry, the beer-drinking goat

Because...youve never seen a drunk goat?


Drinking Games

Cause ya never know when you may need to get trashed in a fun and different way! :)

Drinking Songs!

Go here after visiting the afore mentioned website! ;)


Virtual Drinking Example-True!


Beer...Good for you? (2)

Several studies claim that moderate beer drinking can provide health benefits...See the article here...

Beer...bad for you?

Several studies also say these are the consequences associated with heavy beer drinking...See the article here...


Name that Beer bottle!

Can you match the labels with the correct bottle? How savvy a drinker art thou?

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Beer Drinking Photo Gallery:

Because...some of you may have not ever seen a drunk.

Beer History:

 Because you have always wanted to know?

The United States Beer Drinking Team! :

Support our US of A by visiting thier website and cheering them on. No one can do it like America!

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Guinness World Beer Record :

Steven Petrosino drank 1 liter of beer (33 ounces) in 1.3 seconds on June 22, 1977...

Greg's Beer Drinking Page:

Greg wanted to try as many different beers as possible. Starting in 1996, Greg decided to start keeping a list and saving the first bottle of each new beer that he tried, to help keep track of what he had already tasted. He now has over 1000 bottles and cans in his collection....


Click to Watch American Bad Ass by Kid RockClick here to watch a Johnny Cash Video
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