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Carolina Rednecks


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Here's my disclaimer:

You dont like my website? Don't like my content? Feel offended by something I have said,written and/or posted?
Too bad...America is a free country with Free Speech as well.
Doesn't that suck for you? - Dedicated Server Upload Video

A word about managing your anger.
If you want to better manage your anger in business or personal relationships
some suggest to look at your mistaken attitudes that set you off in the first place.
A different perspective can change everything.
Do that and you might never need to visit this site again. =)

Second, look at your childhood.
What did you learn as a kid in regards to
expressing your anger in an appropriate way?
These issues impede effective ways of expressing your feelings.
Soon there will be a link showing the above employee as a child.

Third, learn about legitimate anger.
Try to express it safely.
If you suppress all anger all the time
it can transform into anxiety and depression.
Use this site to release your anger safely.
Last. Resentment is the number one killer.
Look at your past anger and those who you still resent.
If this site does not provide enough relief
you may choose to deal with your feelings in therapy.
All email can be sent to

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