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Apologetics-History of the Rebel Flag

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PhotobucketFirst of all, I dont like using the word, 'apologetics' because it implies that I am going to apologize for something. However, in this case the word means 'Serving as or containing a formal justification' or 'Formal argumentation in defense of something, such as a position or system' or in this case, a Flag.
The Confederate, Rebel or Dixie ,or often incorrectly referred to as the "Stars and Bars" flag. The actual "Stars and Bars" is the First National Flag, which used an entirely different designer.
Whatever name you have designated to it, it does NOT stand for hatred or racism. I get so ticked at people making such a fuss over it.
The Confederate Flag went thru many designs and adaptations before finally looking like something we would recognize instantly today.
General Joseph E. Johnston described the idea in a letter to his commander : "I wrote to [Miles] that we should have two flags- a peace or parade flag, and a war flag to be used only on the field of battle- but congress having adjourned no action will be taken on the matter - How would it do us to address the War Dept. on the subject of Regimental or badge flags made of red with two blue bars crossing each other diagonally on which shall be introduced the stars, ... We would then on the field of battle know our friends from our Enemies."
Thus the South needed a way to tell themselves apart from the enemy, so this familiar flag came readily into use.
In short, to me, it as an historical symbol representing pride in the Southern United States for a past era of southern sovereignty and Liberty.

Bonnie Blue

In addition to the national flags, a wide variety of flags and banners were flown by Southerners during the War. Like the 'Bonnie Blue' Flag on the left.

The Original 'Stars and Bars' on the right is pictured. It was thought it resembled the American flag too much and was highly criticized for this.>

The Original Stars and Bars

So, please stop whining about the rebel flag. Worry about those gang signs you see in your neighborhoods, now thats something to worry about.

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