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Carolina Rednecks

Stonewall and The Rebel Yell

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One story says Lee's right hand man,T J Jackson got the name 'Stonewall' at the first battle of Bull Run,in which troops withstood the Federal onslaught at a moment when other Confederates fled. 'There is Jackson, standing there like a stone wall', said a fellow officer.
On that same day, Jackson had exhorted his men to, 'Yell like furies when you charge!' The distintive yell that resulted from the order has been associated with the Confedrate cause ever since. Jackson was tone deaf and couldnt carry the tune of Dixie no matter how many times he heard it. But, the music of the Rebel Yell, always aroused him. An eyewittness reported;Jackson was greeted with the yell whenever he made his appearance and just as always he would sieze his old grey cap from his head in acknowledgement and his little sorrel, knowing his habit, would break into a gallop and not cease until the shout had ceased. One night, Jacksons entire army decided to spontaneously serenade him with a long drawn out Rebel yell. Jackson said, 'That was the grandest music I ever heard.'

In 1938, at the 75th aniversary of Gettysburg, at Gettysburg,
some of the old veterans gave the famous "Rebel Yell", that was recorded. Take a listen...

Real Rebel Yell by Old Timers

Listen to some more examples of 'Rebel Yells'... They vary from the yeehaw to the yipyips to the yahooos...either way ya call 'em...yer still gonna be calling a Redneck!

Carolina Rednecks perform several Rebel Yells's 'Rebel Yell'

Learn more about Ol' Stonewall here...

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