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Coming Soon! A Surprise!

Be as Redneck as ya wanna be wearing The Vandoodlezine's Offical Gear!

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Baby Redneck Wear
 Vandoodle's FRA Infant/Toddler T-ShirtVandoodle's FRA Infant Creeper Vandoodle's FRA Baby Bib Vandoodle's FRA Teddy Bear
NEW: Doggy Tee
 Verena 'Bite the Steel' Vandoodle Dog T-Shirt

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Jesse Bryant- The Last Real Outlaw: GET IT HERE ONLY!
Jesse Bryant's  Ash Grey T-Shirt
 Vandoodle's Sunny Women's Tracksuit Vandoodle's Sunny Boxer Shorts  Verena Vandoodle's Jr. Hoodie Vandoodle's 'I luv Cats' White T-Shirt    Vandoodle's Sunny Jr. Spaghetti Tank

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Vandoodle's Fun Redneck Stuff
 Verena Vandoodle's Tote Bag Vandoodle's Official Redneck Trucker Hat Vandoodle's Sunny Messenger Bag Verena Vandoodle's BBQ Apron Verena Vandoodle's Mousepad   Verena Vandoodle's Wall Clock Verena 'Bite the Steel' Vandoodle's Beer Stein Vandoodle's Sunny Java Mug         Verena Vandoodle's Large Mug
 Vandoodle's Official Redneck Jr. Ringer T-Shirt Vandoodle's Sunny Jr. Baby Doll T-Shirt

Official Redneck wear from Vandoodle
 Vandoodle's Red Meat Green T-Shirt Vandoodle's Red Meat Women's Pink T-Shirt Verena 'Bite the Steel' Vandoodle Camisole  Verena Vandoodle's Hooded SweatshirtVANDOODLE'S SUNNY Women's T-Shirt Vandoodle's Sunny Sweatshirt Verena Vandoodle's Baseball Jersey  Verena Vandoodle's Women's Raglan Hoodie Vandoodle's Official Redneck Fitted T-Shirt Vandoodle's Official Redneck Ringer T  Verena Vandoodle's Men's Sleeveless Tee

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