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Even MORE Idiotic Crap

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Your sexual chakra will never feel warmer when you keep Psychic Gary Spivey's likeness on your Classic thong!
Then check out his home site. okay, this guy needs to be checked!
Those nasty looking teeth thingees...rememeber? odd.
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Dr.Kevorkian paints,And you should see them.*cough*Gacy*cough*

Here ya go...A HISTORY of art and UFO's?

Prison Art Gallery-FOR REAL!

Want to look at some strange found objects? Well, here's your site!

Wanna See Scary Sex Offenders being made fun of...Of course you do!

Random People who accidently walked in front of a camera in London...Gobs o Pics

   Every true southerner has this one bookmarked, I know! Come on now, you know you wanna see ifn there's sumpin' you cant whup up rite qwik!(*ahem..jes so yew know...Im from da south so save it wiff da hatemail! ;)

White Trash Recipes: pretty much self explanetory

Colored Smoke
Colored smoke is soooooooo cool... I guess... This guy seems to be fascinated by it.

Drive this guy INSANE

Well.Watch him on his webcam, turn on and off lights in his house..

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  4. Vision Impaired: prolly guessed it.
  5. The Blind: or at least legally anyway.
  6. Gun Lover: gun metal polished site.Purty.(strange)

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**Some of these sites contain adult humour and should be viewed as such.VanDoodle is in NO way affiliated with any of these sites! That said...Check 'em out!

Actual resume' from actual crazy person.Wow.

These two wiggers were caught showing their respective signs. They may not be the real Fred Durst and Eminem, but they're just as ridiculous. Features pics of 'real' wiggers in their own habitat!
Sites that make you go...HmMmm.

Wife Coffee Table

Jeff Green is a 32 year old american, in Arizona, whose wife passed. Due to the great pain he suffered due to her death, he did something totally out of character for a normal and sane person. He turned his wife into a coffee table.FOR REAL!


Collection of, notes. Strangly intriguing. Allbeit, wierd and all. Watch out, this one is addictive.

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