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Neighbor News

Coming Soon! A Surprise!

The VandoodlezineSee here what yer neighbor is up to! - Dedicated Server Upload VideoKathy Grissom or AKA 'The GranDoodle'Birthday Wishes for a Local Wonderwoman!
May 17th marks the 48th year this world has been graced with one, Kathy Lynn Grissom! Mother of two, and Grandmother of  six, this gal is always busy! Not only does she work fulltime, but she always makes time for everyone every Sunday, without fail. 'I can't remember a Sunday since I moved out, when I wasn't at my Moms house, religiously, for Sunday Dinner!', said Shannon,Kathy's only daughter. The compliments don't stop there, as the next statment from Kathy's first grandchild, Kaitlyn shows.'Mamaw has MAD wisdom', which by today's youth standards, is a pretty tight compliment.
"Mom has always treated her birthday like a national holiday,"said Shannon, "so, the traditional week long celebration of 'Mom's Birthday' begins this week! A camping trip always ends the week of revelry. Happy Birthday, Mom!" Everyone at The Vandoodlezine salutes you, Kathy Grissom,and wishes you many more!

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The Crafty Corner
Do ya like crafts? Check out our special recipe for a fun craft, once you have the recipe make yourself cost effective ornaments for next christmas! Maybe you can't decide what kinda craft ya wanna do, Visit this page and Learn somthing useful...Why dontcha!

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The Pregnant List
  • Copyright VanDoodle Studio PhotographyLori Watkins Collins and her lovely husband, Jody, are expecting a little girl! Awww! This will be the second child for Lori, and everyone here at The Vandoodlezine wishes them good luck!
  • joannpbw.jpgJoann Beal Wright and Randy are expecting baby no. 2 as well! At only a few weeks its too soon to tell, but we hope it's a boy! Miranda, the first baby needs a little brother to torture! Congrats to you both!
  • Click to enlarge.Brandy Janney Saunders and her husband, Michael are expecting a baby! Due, at what looks like any minute, they soon will be hearing the lovely calls of screaming baby at 3 am for months to come!

Ahhhhh, the Joys of Motherhood!

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