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Learn somthing useful...Why dontcha!

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Learn a new skill...marvel at people who can do this stuff...whatever! It's pretty darn interesting.....


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... The site for do-it-yourself home decorating enthusiasts. Find free DIY projects, resources, articles and more
Learn to Knit - Knitting can be a very useful craft. Here are the basics, with good pictures.
Learn to Crochet - Another useful craft in terms of making your own - dishcloths, houseshoes, etc.
Weaving advice for the beginner points you to local guilds, and answers some questions about this craft, too.
How to Hook Hooking rugs is an age old craft that can be used by anyone to create beautiful and very frugal floor coverings. This is a very basic tutorial.

Candle Making Basics is a good starting point with information on how to begin and what you'll need. (Note - You can make your own wick by braiding cotton string and soaking it in a borax solution overnight. Be sure the wick is completely dry before making a candle with it, as it will seperate from the wax if you don't.) Candle making is an excellent craft for young and old alike.

Recipe for Homemade Claydough

How to make Soap gives you a picture of the discovery and tells how soap used to be made (without buying ingredients!), then goes on to explain the craft of modern home made soap techniques. Also, So You Want to Make Soap? is a good, clearly written piece for beginners.

Rug Maker's Homestead shows many, many ways to craft rugs, large and small, from rags - used clothing and more. Knit, crochet, weave, braid and more. Most methods are linked to instructions or books that tell you how.

Learn to Cross Stitch - with pictures and very simple explanation.

The Art of Quilling shows how you can make beautiful shapes for 3-D pictures, ornaments and more. This is a lot easier to learn than it looks and you'll be thrilled with the results quickly.

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