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' - Dedicated Server Upload VideoThomasville, N.Carolina' is an itty-bitty town with lots of gossip and news! Here you'll find interesting snippets from everyday happenings in the the town! Read on...and as always...if you are from here, it may be about YOU!

Wierd Stuff
Ever thought you had seen a ghost? Ever taken a picture of one? Check out Vandoodle's Own Exclusive Collection of strange photos. Hey, you may laugh, but when Montel's folks seen 'em, they sent me a plane ticket, and within 2 days I was on the show speaking to Sylvia Brown. See the shocking photo and judge for yourself. Ever thought you had seen a UFO, here is a Vandoodle's Pic that defies explanation.What about strange lights? Like the  What are they? Take our poll and leave your opinion.

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Have ya heard who is pregnant! Well, I tell ya! If someones knocked up around here I'll tell ya all about it! LOL! Is it someones birthday...and you didn't know! Find out the scoop on the peeps in good ol' Triad! Visit Neighbor News for the dirt!

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