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The VanDoodleZine

Vandoodle Who?

Coming Soon! A Surprise!

Vandoodle is not responsible for elevated heart rates and/or blood pressure problems while viewing our Ladies Only Section.We will not be held responsible for any and all injury incurred by the viewing of our site.Thanks be to you, Vandoodle.

So yer askin' yerself. Who is this elusive, 'Vandoodle'? o..Yew wasn't? Oh, well, I'll tell ya anyway.
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I am 32, married and a mother of 4. Yes, I said Mother. So, Yes, I am female. Sometimes with the anonimity the internet provides, I am often mistaken for a guy (why?i dunno) by the websites and interests I have. Whatever...when I tell ya Im a lady, I friggin' mean leave me alone. :) I smoke like a freight train and consume more coffee than downtown Manhattan. I live in North Carolina in a farm house. Yes, they are some still left. It's not quite 100 years old. Yet.
I own a pittbull, a mutt, and 3 stupid cats.Click to enlarge. Which, incidently, you need living where I do. They really do take care of any mice you might have had. Or birds...or any cute little fuzzy baby bunnies you may have had romping thru your garden. Yup, they take care of those annoying little things. :(
I shall tell you no more....(I have already said too much!)
Here is a sample of my family and friends. We are all hoping to become internet superstars by years end. Not. But, amuse yerself with this homemmade vid from Vandoodle.
**Warning: This video(s) contains images of actual rednecks. All permission from said rednecks have been attained. Some images may be disturbing or stupid. Viewer Discrection has been advised. ;)

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made by me, Vandoodle.

Little Mikey says 'Click here to see Redneck Videos!' Thank You!.

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