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I figgered the page title could pretty much some up whats on this page. Some of these are flash and some are gifs and some are plain text. Very interesting how the text ones are made.
: 1 Star: Ehhh, it's okay. Worth putting a link at least
:2 Stars: Better than one star...But not by much
:3 Stars :Better than Average
: 4 stars: Highest rating! Either for funniness or artistic reasons! These are MUST SEE's!

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  • Edgar Beals Flash animation:  "Giant Cow"
  • The Groove Chamber animation: "Poprocket"
  • "Brother": Australia | 7:50 | Adam Benjamin Elliot If God is in the details, then Brother is truly divine. This claymation work is a brother's vivid tribute to his beloved but sickly older sibling, who "didn't look for trouble - it found him." A moving remembrance of a life that might have been, it's sure to leave a lump in your throat.
  • 2004 Presidential Debate #1:United States | 6 :00 | Dominic A. Tocci If only every political debate were as funny as this. Christopher Walken tries to moderate an exchange between the eloquent John Kerry and the, ummmm, less-than-straightforward George Bush. 
  • The Real Hussein 2: "Iraq Without Me" United States | 3:00 | Dominic A. Tocci Guess who's back? Back again. Saddam's back. Tell a friend. The real Hussein returns in hilarious new Slim Shady spoof. Hear him rap about Osama, prisoner abuse and WMDs. Are you down with this deposed dictator? 
  • "Cousin":"My cousin had cerebral palsy," begins the narrator in this childhood remembrance of a very special relative. Ordinary details create an extraordinary picture of a little boy who dressed up like a superhero, had a left arm with a mind of its own, and always "smelt of licorice."
  • "Uncle":A nephew recalls the sometimes-lonely and often-eccentric life of his beloved uncle. Blending shades of comedy with profound pathos, Uncle delicately maneuvers through complex emotional terrain
  • "Creature Comforts:United Kingdom | 5:07 | Nick Park :Everybody's a star in this Aardman Animations OSCAR -winner in which animals discuss life at the zoo. Used to open spaces and sunnier climes they comment on the accomodation, diet and the English weather.
  • "Clay Pride":United States | 5:00 | David Karlsberg, Jonathan Watts:In a world full of preconceived notions of right and wrong, coming out and admitting you're clay is difficult indeed. Get one clay man's perspective on coming out and the joy he found. Come out and discover clay pride for yourself!
  • "Heterogenic"-Italy | 9:00 | Raimondo Della Calce and Primo Dreossi A scientist struggling to develop a strain of bio-enhanced super-corn accidentally stumbles on the solution. Enjoy this light-hearted animated short about a kernel of corn that defies the odds (and tumbleweeds, and radiation) and winds up a hero."

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  • "Have Your Loved

    Ones Spayed or Neutered" (full length)
    Jeff Foxworthy explain why....

  • Amazing Robot Kid: You wont beleive the movements this boy can do! An amazing display of doublejointedness and NERVE!
  • Pat This Cat: Extremly amusing...watched this one several times! Kid Friendly!
  • Say Cheese: Next Time ya sit down fer a big meal...think about this poor mouse but it all works out in the rear-end!
  • Anthrax-The Invisible Victim: Next time you have to take antibiotics you may think bacterial murderer!
  • A Halloween treat for Osama: Here's a little holiday goodness to cheer you red-blooded americans up! Candy corn at it's most EVIL!
  • Taliban Twister: This how they play it in Iraq-for real! A twisted tale of hijunks and the al-queda!
  • and heck,why not another one(truely halairious!)Diplomacy: This is how the war should be handled in my opinion. A riveting chorus of Kumbaya!

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  • "Nurd Episode 8":A virus-checking engineer experiments with drugs and becomes corrupt
  • Herb: A little man encounters a charming little squirrel in Central Park
  • Bunny and a greedy genie:The adage "be careful what you wish for" is retold in this monstrous story about a cliché
  • Shadowy Visitor :Ross Burke A child's imagination runs wild and so does the beast in his room.

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