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Another Yankee Cb Redneck...Visitor Submission

Coming Soon! A Surprise!

I joke all the time about my 'Yankee Cb Redneck' husband and his mass of cb equipment. I tell him it looks like a mad scientists place. I'm afraid if someone saw all of it they would think that he was trying to contact aliens, what with all the antenas and towers, switches,buttons, flashing lights , etc.
Yankee, as he reffered to himself, told me...'If you think his setup looks like a mad scientists....check this out.' He wasn't kidding.
And then...I see this. - Dedicated Server Upload Video

What we are looking at here folks is years fine tuned mess. You, the untrained, cb-less individual, sees this as untidy. But, in actuality it is controlled clutter.
Notice how everything is at or just above arm reach. Allowing the user to only have to come out of the seat for mere seconds to retrieve or adjust something. The coffee cup, placed near the cigarettes. The two do go hand in hand, after all. A person wouldn't have to leave their house for days with this setup. With the computer you could order food and sundries. There's glue on the shelf for occasional repairs you may need to do. And, hell, theres even alcohol handy in case of an injury (i.e. paper cuts etc.) or just in case ya need a nip! - Dedicated Server Upload Video

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