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The VanDoodleZine

Quick Hi from The Outlaw

Coming Soon! A Surprise!

Jesse drops a line to inform his fans!

The last time we talked to Jesse,a.k.a. Outlaw, we told him to keep in touch! And this he did! This is an actual exerpt from his email to us! - Dedicated Server Upload Video 
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...Coming up as of now, I'm gearing up for the radio tour. My first stop will be in Texarkana,Texas! And I'm wondering if Texas can handle this outlaw cause theres never been another one like me before! I'll be visiting 5 stations a day for 30 days ! Whew! After the Texas tour I'll be coming back to Nashville,TN for a couple weeks. There I'll be concentrating on the music row charts and releasing my CD, Mistakes I've Made, nationwide in the very near future.
We're getting everything ready for a southeastern tour thats going to be this fall! I'll keep you informed of the dates which are not available at this very second. In the mean time call your radio stations and tell 'em you want to hear some of Jesse Bryant's music !! This outlaw hopes to see you'll real soon somewhere down the road and with that I'll leave you!
Keepin it real, Keepin it Country,

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