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EZ Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Coming Soon! A Surprise!
Start a new Christmas Tradition making these cute thingees!

     Spray the baking sheet with some form of spray nonstick stuff, any kind works. Roll the claydough *on the baking sheet. Making them about the thickness of a cookie.(approx. 1/8 inch) Space the "cookies" about the same distance away from each other as you would regular cookies.
Make sure you take a toothpick or somthing suitable and put a hole in the top of the ornament before baking! This may sound silly, but forgetting to do this step results in un-hangable ornaments!
Place in an oven on 250 degrees for at least 4 hours. Let them cool and break out the acrylic paints and have at it!
 Kids make the best ornaments, I love seeing all the different ways they can can make one cookecutter ornament look. It's alot of fun! Try it with your family!
(Not cooking them long enuff results in them sticking dreafully to your pan. Forgetting the non-stick results in a ruined and might I add, quite permanent damage to your cookie sheet pan.)
*TIP- not doing it on the baking sheet makes it REALLY hard to move the cutouts once they have been well, cut out. 
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You will need:
Claydough (click 4 recipie)
Various cookiecutters
Baking sheet
Ribbons, thread, buttons...etc.

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