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The VanDoodleZine

Joaquin Phoenix
Coming Soon! A Surprise!

Vandoodle is not responsible for elevated heart rates and/or blood pressure problems while viewing our Ladies Only Section.We will not be held responsible for any and all injury incurred by the viewing of our site.Thanks be to you, Vandoodle.Joaquin [wah-keen] n. a. actor; of the Phoenix lineage, noted for intense performances....and um...hottness!

Classic photo...the lighting is perfect...good lookin man there!

Click to enlarge.Click to enlarge.Hosted by Putfile.comanother good looking pose. this guy is

Start Over with the Hotties<<<

Despite his scar on his lip..he is so striking..lovely eyes. a much different look that that of tommy lee, kid rock and the likes.But no less HOT!
Click to enlarge.He has since put on weight..but even skinny...he still huggable!

No need to thank The Vandoodle...but if ya wanna email me...gotta even better it to me and Ill post it! Women all over the world deserve to see of art, as all photographs are. Yeah...It's freakin' ART! - Dedicated Server Upload Video


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