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Brad Pitt
Coming Soon! A Surprise!
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Do I need to say anything. He has an angels face and a devils grin. Beautiful man. Whew....fanning myself now!....Must look away...cant stop..looking..Heres an artsy fartsy shot in a feild of wheat. despite the cheesy-ness...STILL HOT!
Another fabulous movies with my boyfriend..I mean...Brad in it...Gladiator.RENT IT OR BUY IT! Youll be glad you did!armor...neat
Black and White never looked better...***IS DAYDREAMIN****

What a specimen...and stupid whaterface...from friends....whatever her name was.jennifer something..she didnt want kids.What a dummy....How many ya want Brad...Let's talk!
Ahhh...Legends of the Fall...How many times have I seen that movie, yet I still hope he doesn't die in the end. What...You aint seen it...You go rent it girl!!!!Aww...he looks depressed...sure would like to cheer him up!white suits...brad this heaven?
Short hair or long...this guy could never look bad! Hell...even in Fight Club with his teeth all knocked out..I'd a did 'im...I mean...No..what I meant to say was......
Here's a really young shot of him...but you can see already that he has that look..that..come and do me look.I didnt realize that guys have that look too.Hmmm,,,Foood fer thought

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